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#2-1 Buddy-L #201 Hydraulic Dump Truck. 1928. 24 inches long. Works great but has old over paint C-7 $525.
#2-2 Doepke Unit Crane. #2007. 1950. 11 inches long. Orange. This is the second model without the finger-wheel to rotate the cab. Original and working. C-8+ $295.00
#2-3 KENTON Road Grader. Cast iron, with nickel plated grader blade and white rubber tires. 1920's. 7 inches long. 100% Original. C-7- $225.00
#2-4 "Smith-Miller Custom Flatbed. 1950's. 25 inches long. It incorporates a Structo Cab, Smith-Miller lo-boy trailer and a die-cast Kobota tractor.It makes a great looking highway set.C-9 $225.00
Wilesco, Germany, Steam Plant #125/2, including #236 "sausage maker" and #235 "Grinder" All is in excellent condition with original boxes, instructions and accessories. Mounted on an 11 inch by 21 inch wooden base. C-9+ $350.00
#2-6 Buddy-L #209 "Wrecking Truck" 1923. 31 inches long. A fresh restoration on a nice, straight original. C-10 $1150.00
#2-7 MOMOD (England) 5A-1Live Steam Roadster. 1976. 16 inches long. New in original box with all accessories. C-10. $325.00
#2-8 Wilesco (Germany) "Old Smokey" D-36 Live Steam Roller. 1970's. 12 inches long. It has been fired but is in excellent condition. Has original box with all accessories. C-8+ $275.00
#2-9 Arcade Allis Chalmers Tractor. 1920's. 5 1/2 inches long. Arcade Balloon, white rubber tires. Tractor is cast iron. C-7. $150.00

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