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#3-1 Chein "Happy Days" bank. Made of tin. 1950's 4 inches high. C-9 $50.00
#3-2 Buddy-L "Easy Saver" Cash Register Bank. Drawer opens when deposits reach $10.00. Works great. C-8+ $28.00
#3-3 Tonka Military jeep. 1964. 10 inches long. It is missing the top and spare tire. Everything else is there and beautiful. C-9 $55.00
#3-4 Wooden Sailor Race Game. 1950's. 13 inches tall. Put the sailors on top and they race to the bottom. Marked "Made in German Democratic Republik". C-9 $35.00
#3-5 Slik-Toys #960Z. All aluminum delivery truck.1950's 71/2 inches long. All original. C-9 $40.00
#3-6 Keystone Steam Shovel. 1920's. 27 inches long as shown. This one is to be restored. Complete except for boiler door and I corner post. No rust. A good restoration project. C-5 $75.00
#3-7 Brooke Shields "The World's Most Glamorous Teenage Doll" Made by LJN, N.Y. USA. Dated 1982. This doll is 100% complete and has never been removed from the original box. Doll C-10 Box C-9 $45.00
#3-8 Chien "Walt Disney Productions" TOP. Dated 1973. 7 inches in diameter. It is made of tin and features Mickey, Donald, Pluto and Goofy. Bright colors and perfect working order. C-8+ $22.00
#3-9 Manoil die cast "futuristic" cars. Tires are original. 1940's. 6 inches long. One is a coupe. The other is a 4 door sedan. Complete with no cracks but lots of paint chips. C-7- $40.00 for both

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