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We repair, refinish and restore toys and clocks in our onsite shop. We do metal working and woodworking. Folks bring in all kinds of interesting things to repair and restore.

Here are some photos of a Buddy/L firetruck that I restored for it's owner. It was fairly straight and complete but needed tlc and repairs. I started taking the pictures after I fixed a few dents and primed it.

Here is a 1927 Buddy-L Aerial Ladder Truck, no. 205B. It needed to have one rear fender welded back on and some minor bodywork done before priming.

Firetruck before

The wheels have been polished and painted and new bushings installed.The brass has been polished and clear coated.

Driver's compartment before

The ladders are back from the platers.

The body media blasted.

The body and frame are painted and clearcoated. Did you know that the original Buddy/L trucks were painted on an assembly line and dipped into the paint and hung to dry. They were full of runs. Most modern restorations have a highly superior paint job.

The driver's compartment after being blasted

The wheels are mounted. No more wobbly wheels.

3 coats of primer and 3 coats of color

The truck is finished. The decals are on and it is completely assembled.

The driver's compartment finished

Here she is, the finished product. Ready to be shipped back to it's owner. Restoration done 2/15 - 5/15 2015.

The finished product!

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